Thursday, 21 April 2011

A round up...

So after a horrible start to the month things are starting to move again.
It was a real shock to lose Granny. Even though she was 95 she was in good health for her age. I guess it's a good way to go, feel unwell on Friday, go to hospital Saturday and die Sunday. It was quick and she was comfortable and that's all we can ever really ask for isn't it?

2 days before the funeral i went over on my ankle pretty badly. And now 3 weeks later i have finally gone to the doctors and i have ligiment damage. They mentioned having to go for physio but i can't, i'm never in the one place! hopefully it will start clearing up but it has meant i haven't been able to continue the couch to 5k programme, so once it's better i'll restart it.

I ahve tried out the whole body vibrating plate machines. Those things are creepy! It's scary how much of you can wobble! I'm not overly convinced by them but the sunbed place has them and the week pass is £10 so it might be worth a try.

I finally feel like i'm back on track with the diet too. I was never really off it but when i was away on tour we were staying in B&B's and eating out every night, and being a vegitarian in a highland villiage means your choices are either veggie burgers or macaroni cheese (both of which i love, but only once in a while!) so it was hard. But i managed not to put weight on which i guess is the main thing. But in 4 weeks i've only lost 4lbs which is a bit slow. But still it's 4lbs towards my goal.

I'm now unemployed too, my contract for the show ended on Monday. I had a meeting about another show yeaterday, which if i get i would start next week so it's just the waiting to hear. If i don't get it i'm a bit screwed since i also found out i didn't get the job i really wanted in Manchester. So instead of having june - sept employment i now only have end of july - sept work. But hopefully something else will turn up.

I'm also doing my first craft fair on Saturday, which i'm well nervous about. I just hope it goes ok! And then the following weekend i'm taking part in the Grassmarket Festival and they're using a picture of one of my bracelets on all their publicity! Awesome huh? But it does spark the 'i hope my stuff is good enough' thing, and not just that i can take a good picture!

Off to watch some True Blood and carry on the making for the craft fairs, being unemployed at this moment in time is having it's benefits!

Laura xx

Saturday, 2 April 2011


So far this week i have lost 1 phone, 2 phone chargers, 1 top, no weight and a Granny.

I am warning it now, Next Week better not try and pull any of this crap.