Monday, 16 May 2011

Time Passess

Jeez time passes fast doesn't it?
It's late and i'm knackered so short post this time!
I'm still going with weight watchers. Lost 1lb this week so it's slow but it's moving. and considering i'm still away over night with work a few days a week it's pretty good.
I've got my toning ball now too and i've ordered a workout DVD (my foot is still playing up so still no running) so i am battering it out now! I've lost 8lbs so far, if i can make it a stone by June that would be great. So that's the aim. Fingers crossed!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

A round up...

So after a horrible start to the month things are starting to move again.
It was a real shock to lose Granny. Even though she was 95 she was in good health for her age. I guess it's a good way to go, feel unwell on Friday, go to hospital Saturday and die Sunday. It was quick and she was comfortable and that's all we can ever really ask for isn't it?

2 days before the funeral i went over on my ankle pretty badly. And now 3 weeks later i have finally gone to the doctors and i have ligiment damage. They mentioned having to go for physio but i can't, i'm never in the one place! hopefully it will start clearing up but it has meant i haven't been able to continue the couch to 5k programme, so once it's better i'll restart it.

I ahve tried out the whole body vibrating plate machines. Those things are creepy! It's scary how much of you can wobble! I'm not overly convinced by them but the sunbed place has them and the week pass is £10 so it might be worth a try.

I finally feel like i'm back on track with the diet too. I was never really off it but when i was away on tour we were staying in B&B's and eating out every night, and being a vegitarian in a highland villiage means your choices are either veggie burgers or macaroni cheese (both of which i love, but only once in a while!) so it was hard. But i managed not to put weight on which i guess is the main thing. But in 4 weeks i've only lost 4lbs which is a bit slow. But still it's 4lbs towards my goal.

I'm now unemployed too, my contract for the show ended on Monday. I had a meeting about another show yeaterday, which if i get i would start next week so it's just the waiting to hear. If i don't get it i'm a bit screwed since i also found out i didn't get the job i really wanted in Manchester. So instead of having june - sept employment i now only have end of july - sept work. But hopefully something else will turn up.

I'm also doing my first craft fair on Saturday, which i'm well nervous about. I just hope it goes ok! And then the following weekend i'm taking part in the Grassmarket Festival and they're using a picture of one of my bracelets on all their publicity! Awesome huh? But it does spark the 'i hope my stuff is good enough' thing, and not just that i can take a good picture!

Off to watch some True Blood and carry on the making for the craft fairs, being unemployed at this moment in time is having it's benefits!

Laura xx

Saturday, 2 April 2011


So far this week i have lost 1 phone, 2 phone chargers, 1 top, no weight and a Granny.

I am warning it now, Next Week better not try and pull any of this crap.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Ha! Go me another post :)

Today i go away with work until Sunday. We've only got 3 shows so it's still not a hectic schedule but it's all up north. Today is Plockton which is the mainland side of the Skye Bridge. Now while it's fab to get away (Next week is the same) what isn't so good is living in B&B's and eating out all the time. So this week is going to be a challenge to keep on track and not just live entirely on fruit. But i have my incentive from a few things my family said to me this week, so whenever i feel like picking something i shouldn't my mother's words of how i'm too fat for clothes like that (we're talking slim leg black jeans here incase anyone was thinking it was tiny shorts or something, but it's something i have been well used to hearing over the years but it really got to me this time.) Or be it my brother joking that the only running i would do is to the cake shop (for me as someone who doesn't really eat cake unless it comes in the form of banana bread) So i'm gonna aim for another 2lbs this week and see how it goes

The Jewellery has kinda been put on the back burner for now, i have a few custom orders to do which i will hopefully find time for this week and i've had a few sales to keep me going. I have to push it a bit more though but i now think i need to find more places to do it, Facebook and Twitter are full of people advertising their stuff and although i still mention stuff there i don't want people to think it's spam, especially as i've been using twitter a lot more recently for other bits and bobs

so time to drink the coffee, make sure i have what i need for the next week and get going, a 5 hour drive awaits

Have a fab week all


Sunday, 20 March 2011

what's been going on?

Oh dear, last blog post 7th July 2010. Bit of a fail eh? Not sure this time will be much better but we shall see!

So life since last july has been Edinburgh Fringe, Sunshine on Leith, End of relationship, terrible christmas jobs, new friends, decisions made, tears, laughter, rum, cider and the iodd bit of rock and roll. It's funny looking back at what has past, some major stuff, some not so but this year i've decided is the year that i get me to where i want to be, so in January i set myself the goals. The current one is to lose weight. I done pretty well last year but when i went on tour with sunshine the healthy eating and gym stopped. So i'm not back weight wise to where i was but size wise i'm pretty close. So I have had my first weigh in with weight watchers and i've lost 2lbs. It's a start i guess and ideally another 42lbs to go. And if i continue to lose at 2lbs a week i should be where i want to be on the 7th of Aug, give or take. Just in time for the madness of the Edinburgh Fringe :)
Next is the fitness, i don;t have the gym membership any more so i'm attempting to start running outside on the couch to 5k programme. So far have only got one session in, i need to get myself more motivated for it but i will. This is the time. If i don;t do it now i never will and it will always be something to be unhappy about. so here we go, this is the start. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Wednesday Already??

Well it's not been the best few days for me, but I'm getting back on track!
It's a lovely day outside, if a bit windy just now. I live about a mile from a air base and the tornado's have been out all morning, you only usually see them once but it's been about 7 or 8 times today so far, they must be making the most of the good weather too :)

I've attempted to make a pineapple and ginger cake too, it's on the oven just now so we'll see how it comes out, probably a little burnt, I'm not used to electric ovens!! But nothing a bit of icing won't hide :)

So the July Jesters. Everyone seems to be doing really well, my sales have dropped off, even the views aren't as high as they were so i need to get back to promoting it again and hope things pick up, although that seems to the the same for loads of folksy people.

Anyway here's my listing for the day


I love ribbon and have been playing around with it for a while. I think i still need to refine the length and the placing of the ribbon to get it to lie exactly how i want it to, but i think on the whole it works pretty well, chuffed with it :)

As usual there has been some lovely items posted today, here's a few of my faves from today (and there goes another tornado!!)


These gorgeous earrings by Damselfly Gemma (which would go great with my necklace!!)

Next up is London Fogg


It's no exaggeration to say i want just about everything in their shop, i love steampunk (i blame back to the future for my love of it!) but have never braved making some steampunk jewellery, maybe i will give it a go

And my final choice for the day is from Ickle Imogen

Ickle Imogen

Another shop i could quite happily spend all my pennies in, some great stuff!!

Right off to see if the cake has worked, wish me luck!!

Laura x

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Rainy Sundays

I've had the weekend in Edinburgh visiting my parents, it's a rainy one here today! Driving back home in a bit though so glad it's not too hot, i'm getting the usual one tanned arm you get while driving :)

Played about a bit with the blog layout, not sure how much i like it but will give it a go! And got my July Jester listing up and here it is :)


There is as usual some fab listings over on Folksy today, think these so far are my faves:


Gorgeous little pic by Pavlova, love the retro look of this :)


I'm a lover of the polymer clay and this bracelet is so cute (as is the necklace from yesterday)from Buttons and Beads gifts


Gorgeous patchwork bag  by Aiden :)

Well that's me for the day

Have a good one everyone!!

Laura x