Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Wednesday's Stuff

Well what a difference a day makes! Yesterday was horrible, and i got no sleep last night, but today has turned around. I got a phone call about a job, someone i didn't know but who said i had come highly recommended to him, whoop!! It would be a 7 week contract running the electrics side of a venue, yay!! Hopefully i 'll know by then end of the week if it's going to happen but i hope so!! Yesterday i thought the phone was never going to ring and there it goes today :)

Well 3am insomnia has some benefits, I've started putting together my first ever folksy friday with the theme ribbons and lace (all coming about cos i found a cuff i really love and want to buy!!) and i made some more bits. Sold 2 things tonight, one my little pony necklace and one charm bracelet.

so all in all a much nicer day :)

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The Glums

Today is a bit of a downer. I now work freelance and I knew going in to it it would take a while to get going but it's starting to get to me now waiting for the phone to ring or a email to come in. The industry I work in isn't exactly huge, and now I'm not living in a big city or even that close to one, it's even smaller. I know I'm doing all I can, just have to keep applying for things, keep sending out my CV and hope the phone rings. It's a wee bit soul destroying and financially very scary, too much work has always been my problem before, not having enough is a new one on me. But I decided this was going to be the year I made the changes so here they are. And it gives me time to focus on Little Red Star. There is so much more I want to do with it and to expand it, so I guess one good thing about my current situation is that it gives me time to do that. I've never really blogged or used twitter before so all that is new to me, but it's proving itself just now. It's interesting to see on the folksy forums that there is a lot of people coming out of work for whatever reason and are giving their crafting a go full time, I really hope they all do well with it, there are some amazingly talented people out there. 
So now I guess it's time to do some more promotion, look for more places to send my CV too and go in search of some biscuits, they always help with the cheering up :)

Monday, 28 June 2010


Do you use it? I get a little obsessed when I remember about it, there's something lovely about seeing you're site visit percentage increase by over 2000% :)

So was having a wee look through it, I've started using facebook and twitter a lot more for promoting my jewellery and I wanted to see how it was doing (somethings working cos my sales are steadily going up, yay)
and it threw up that on Sunday 30 people from wedding ideas mag came my way. After a bit of searching I found it was the result of this  So thank you whoever you are :)
It's really nice to see comments from people you don't know and it just goes to show where your work can be found.

So now I'm off to see where else the visits have come from, if you haven't installed it I would def recommend it :)

Laura x

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Where's the sun??

Well it's not in Fife that's for sure!! It's so windy outside it's crazy!! Before the wind got too bad I did manage to get some of the newest makes photographed in the garden (the light inside is a bit rubbish and i hate working with artificial light unless I have to, I find the daylight bulbs a bit off too, think I'm just too fussy :)) so at least i can get a few new things up on folksy. I've been neglecting etsy a bit too, and ironically have just had some sales through it. So maybe it's time to do a bit more with that one too.
The most recent stuff is a bit of a return to the kitsch, I've got some strawberry shortcake charm bracelets, sesame street charm bracelets, my little pony necklaces and care bear necklaces and earrings coming soon. I like the mix the shop is developing between the fun and the kitsch and the more grown up looking stuff, caters for every occasion :)

Check out the Little Red Star page on facebook and see some of the other new listings :)

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Look what I found!!

While I was sorting through some of the bits I've finally got round to moving in I found this wee guy. When I was wee I used to sit and draw for hours and make things out of fimo (back in the day when no one else seemed to know what it was!!) and I remember making lots of wee animals. I was also obsessed with horses and i think i must have made this when i was 7 or 8, so he's about 20 year old!! My mum used to keep them in her unit but somehow I've ended up with this one again. I'm sure there's a pig lurking somewhere too. What do you think?

Monday, 21 June 2010

June's ramblings...

So I'm nearly all moved in, by the end of the week all will be done, thankfully!!

Today I've been making the most of the sun and the Internet and getting some new bits and pieces ordered and working on the website. I'm also going to start actively using twitter more, my brother is a bit of an addict so am gonna follow his lead. The website is taking shape, currently it just re directs to the folksy page but in time it will stand alone, all very exciting

A few etsy sales so that's good. Been buying some stock, watch out for care bear and my little pony items!!

I'll put some pics up of the new makes soon but for anyone interested check out


Saturday, 12 June 2010

Well the attempt to keep this regulary updated failed :) although i didn't have internet for a while so that's my excuse!!
So things are plodding along, on a big folksy list mission today. I decided I was going to focus on folksy as oppsed to etsy, then sold some bits on etsy, typical!!
I was also approched by a PR company through etsy about taking part in a blogging thing, i need to go over the onfo propery and make sense of it but it seems if i donate a item to them to use as a prize in a blog giveaway they will give me free PR for 4 months. Sounds great, just have to get it checked out
In other news, i won a runners up prize for one of my charm bracelets! The bead shop scotland ran a competition on their facebook page to find a winner and 2 runners up with scottish themed jewellery. So i sent them a pic of one of my irn bru charm bracelets and got runner up! I was amazed cos the winner and the other runner up were amazing, nothing at all like my kitsch-y stuff. The prize was a massive box of beads, most of which have now been put to good use. So thank you very much!! And check out the bead shop scotland for their amazing range!
Well i will try and upload some pics later of the new stuff, just trying to get it all sorted just now.