Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Ha! Go me another post :)

Today i go away with work until Sunday. We've only got 3 shows so it's still not a hectic schedule but it's all up north. Today is Plockton which is the mainland side of the Skye Bridge. Now while it's fab to get away (Next week is the same) what isn't so good is living in B&B's and eating out all the time. So this week is going to be a challenge to keep on track and not just live entirely on fruit. But i have my incentive from a few things my family said to me this week, so whenever i feel like picking something i shouldn't my mother's words of how i'm too fat for clothes like that (we're talking slim leg black jeans here incase anyone was thinking it was tiny shorts or something, but it's something i have been well used to hearing over the years but it really got to me this time.) Or be it my brother joking that the only running i would do is to the cake shop (for me as someone who doesn't really eat cake unless it comes in the form of banana bread) So i'm gonna aim for another 2lbs this week and see how it goes

The Jewellery has kinda been put on the back burner for now, i have a few custom orders to do which i will hopefully find time for this week and i've had a few sales to keep me going. I have to push it a bit more though but i now think i need to find more places to do it, Facebook and Twitter are full of people advertising their stuff and although i still mention stuff there i don't want people to think it's spam, especially as i've been using twitter a lot more recently for other bits and bobs

so time to drink the coffee, make sure i have what i need for the next week and get going, a 5 hour drive awaits

Have a fab week all


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