Saturday, 8 May 2010

Jelly Babies and other sweets...

So the last few days have been spend making molds and starting to cast from them, the first of the Jelly Baby range is under way. So far there's charm bracelets, brooch's and necklaces. I now have one of each moulded so can really start having a play. And the good thing is i have a custom order for them already, yay! :)

The business cards turned up, I'm loving them, they look fab. For any one needing any go to, they're a good price and look great. I shall definitely be ordering some more of them :)

The etsy shop is getting updated, once I've got the listings live I'm going to get working on better descriptions, just want to get them live first. Still selling some bits through eBay so things are still on the move.

I was back in Edinburgh at the weekend and paid a visit to the bead shop so I've lots to be playing around with!!

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