Friday, 2 July 2010

Folksy Friday and July Jesters part 2

So I'm going to combine the 2, my second listing for the July Jesters and my first ever Folksy Friday.

First up my 2nd listing of the Jesters 

a cute cherry bracelet :) Check it out at

So on to Folksy Friday

For my first one I've picked the theme of ribbon and lace and these are my top picks:

Candyfloss Created gorgeous lace and ribbon cuff
I love this, it's something completely different and utterly gorgeous (and on my fave list for payday :))

Second up is CocoAngelRose's utterly beautiful brooch

This would be a great addition for any outfit or bag and i have my eve on it to jazz up my black dress

And lastly this cute tag by Just for You Cards

Def one i would want to have as a keepsake, it's lovely!!

There is so much lovely stuff on Folksy and these are just a few of my faves :)

Laura x

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  1. Great first folksy friday. Your bracelet is very cute and quirky and I love that lace cuff