Saturday, 3 July 2010

Sweetie Time...

Here's today's listing :)

Little Red Star

Another cute Jelly Baby necklace :) This time featuring Baby Bonny.

I love these and making them is one of the most fun items to do. They were my first experiment with making silicone moulds and i'm prettu happy with how they turned out, so now moulding is a bit of an obsession, look out for more to come

Oooh did you know Jelly Babies were origionaly called Peace Babies? They were launched at the end of the 1st World War and didn't become Jelly Babies till 1953. There's a fact for the day :)

I've also come across some really cute blogs, if you're a fan of Kawaii this is a good one to check out, her photo frames are amazing!!

Off to annoy the dog now, if you have a dog try giving them a coconut, Oscar goes daft over his :)

Laura x

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