Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Wednesday's Stuff

Well what a difference a day makes! Yesterday was horrible, and i got no sleep last night, but today has turned around. I got a phone call about a job, someone i didn't know but who said i had come highly recommended to him, whoop!! It would be a 7 week contract running the electrics side of a venue, yay!! Hopefully i 'll know by then end of the week if it's going to happen but i hope so!! Yesterday i thought the phone was never going to ring and there it goes today :)

Well 3am insomnia has some benefits, I've started putting together my first ever folksy friday with the theme ribbons and lace (all coming about cos i found a cuff i really love and want to buy!!) and i made some more bits. Sold 2 things tonight, one my little pony necklace and one charm bracelet.

so all in all a much nicer day :)

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