Monday, 28 June 2010


Do you use it? I get a little obsessed when I remember about it, there's something lovely about seeing you're site visit percentage increase by over 2000% :)

So was having a wee look through it, I've started using facebook and twitter a lot more for promoting my jewellery and I wanted to see how it was doing (somethings working cos my sales are steadily going up, yay)
and it threw up that on Sunday 30 people from wedding ideas mag came my way. After a bit of searching I found it was the result of this  So thank you whoever you are :)
It's really nice to see comments from people you don't know and it just goes to show where your work can be found.

So now I'm off to see where else the visits have come from, if you haven't installed it I would def recommend it :)

Laura x

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