Monday, 21 June 2010

June's ramblings...

So I'm nearly all moved in, by the end of the week all will be done, thankfully!!

Today I've been making the most of the sun and the Internet and getting some new bits and pieces ordered and working on the website. I'm also going to start actively using twitter more, my brother is a bit of an addict so am gonna follow his lead. The website is taking shape, currently it just re directs to the folksy page but in time it will stand alone, all very exciting

A few etsy sales so that's good. Been buying some stock, watch out for care bear and my little pony items!!

I'll put some pics up of the new makes soon but for anyone interested check out



  1. Love your shop! happy to follow your blog, I must update mine!!
    Enjoy the sun X

  2. Thanks sweetie!
    have a fab day x