Sunday, 27 June 2010

Where's the sun??

Well it's not in Fife that's for sure!! It's so windy outside it's crazy!! Before the wind got too bad I did manage to get some of the newest makes photographed in the garden (the light inside is a bit rubbish and i hate working with artificial light unless I have to, I find the daylight bulbs a bit off too, think I'm just too fussy :)) so at least i can get a few new things up on folksy. I've been neglecting etsy a bit too, and ironically have just had some sales through it. So maybe it's time to do a bit more with that one too.
The most recent stuff is a bit of a return to the kitsch, I've got some strawberry shortcake charm bracelets, sesame street charm bracelets, my little pony necklaces and care bear necklaces and earrings coming soon. I like the mix the shop is developing between the fun and the kitsch and the more grown up looking stuff, caters for every occasion :)

Check out the Little Red Star page on facebook and see some of the other new listings :)

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